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Good Alaska Books

1. Books About Alaska's People
2. Books About Alaska's History
4. Books About Alaska's Wilds
3. Alaska Children's Books
5. Books About Rockhounding


A River Between Us.
By Kenneth Marsh.
This is the story of the Upper Susitna River Valley, written by one of Alaska’s many local historians, the operator of the Trapper Creek Museum. Lots of local anecdotes & photographs.

Alaska Native Ways.
Text by Natives of Alaska. Photos, Roy Corral.
A hardbound 144 page book with 130 color photos showing ordinary Alaska Native life -- with commentary.

Two Old Women.
By Velma Wallis.
The retelling of an Athabaskan legend about two old women who were abandoned by their tribe in a time of hardship. Refusing to die, these women rally their strength and wisdom of experience to save themselves and the tribe that left them behind. An international bestseller.

Growing Up Native In Alaska.
By A.J. McClanahan.
Brings 27 Alaska Natives together to talk about their cultures and traditions. Real people who are open about their lives and dreams.


Alaska Almanac.
Updated every year. Alphabetical order. You could win a trivia contest on Alaska with this one.

Life At The Talkeetna Roadhouse.
By Ron Garrett.
A great book about Talkeetna in the 1970’s. Wry anecdotes about the Talkeetna Roadhouse and its idiosyncratic but beloved owners, Carroll and Verna Close. Also includes others -- like climber Ray Genet. Look for it in Talkeetna.

Gold Rush Women.
By Claire Murphy & Jane Haigh.
Profiles of nearly two dozen women from the Gold Rush era. Mothers, wives and single women who came north in search of gold and greater independence. Period photographs.

Good Time Girls of the Alaska/Yukon Gold Rush.
By Lael Morgan.
Focuses on the bad girls of a “good time” era. Authentic and sympathetic accounts of the women who lived on the outskirts of respectable society, especially in Fairbanks.


The Alaska River Guide: Canoeing, Kayaking, and Rafting in the Last Frontier.
By Karen Jettmar.
Descriptions of more than 100 trip possibilities suitable for beginners and families, or for experienced whitewater kayakers. Comprehensive.

How to Rent a Public Cabin in Southcentral Alaska.
By Andromeda Romano-Lax.
Information on the wonderful system of public use cabins in the state. The focus is southcentral Alaska, where more than 105 cabins are available. Some are more accessible than others. Some are more in demand than others. Descriptions of the cabins, reservation information, how to get there, what to bring, and more.

55 Ways to the Wilderness of Southcentral Alaska.
By Nancy Simmerman, Helen Nienhauser, and John Wolfe.
Wonderful suggestions for hikes from the Mat-Su Valley to the Kenai Peninsula. Most of the hikes are easily accessible by car and can be done relatively easily in the wild in a short time. Reliable maps and directions. The authors have done a good job of rating trail difficulty.

Alaska’s Mammals.
By Dave Smith, with photos by Tom Walker.
Lively intimate portraits, complete with full color photos of 22 land mammals and 13 sea mammals of the North. “Did You Know” sections provide a quick look at the facts: A river otter can run up to 15 mph on packed snow... a baby caribou weighs 12 pounds at birth. This is one of a series of small books called “Alaska Pocket Guides”. Other titles are, “Alaska’s Bears”, “Alaska’s Birds”, “Alaska’s Fish”, “Alaska’s History”, “Alaska’s Mushrooms”, “Alaska’s Seashore Creatures.”

Alaska Wildlife Viewing Guide.
By Michelle Sydeman & Annabel Lund.
68 places to view wildlife in Alaska. Some are quite remote. Tells you what wildlife you will see, and how to get to the viewing area.

Guide To Marine Mammals of Alaska.
By Kate Wynne.
Easy to use guidebook that thoroughly shows exactly what marine animal you’re seeing, where they live, how many there are. Patterned after some of the better birding guides.

Alaska Bear Tales, More Alaska Bear Tales.
By Larry Kaniut.
If you want to be scared of bears, this series is for you. True tales of crunched scalps, flapping skin, heroic efforts. Many, many bear encounters.

Guide To The Birds of Alaska.
By Robert H. Armstrong.
Includes all 443 species of birds found in Alaska, with full-color photos for all bird species that occur regularly in Alaska. Has a birder’s checklist for all birds.

The Great Alaska Nature Factbook.
By Susan Ewing.
Almost all of Alaska’s wild animals are described. Also covers plants, so you get two in one.


Lucky Hares and Itchy Bears.
By Susan Ewing. Illustrations by Evon Zerbetz.
A children’s book of poems about 15 northern animals, from the octopus to the dragon fly.

The Hungry Giant on the Tundra.
Retold by Teri Sloat.
Yup’ik Eskimo children who wander off to pick berries manage to outwit a huge giant who shows up. The kids are helped by a chickadee and a crane.

Children of the Midnight Sun.
Profiles by Tricia Brown. Photos by Roy Corral.
The lives of young Native Alaskan children -- Eskimo, Indian and Aleut -- are featured in this colorful book of photographs and interviews.

A Child’s Alaska.
By Claire Murphy, with photos by Charles Mason.
Photographs and large-type text describe Alaska for children.

Blueberry Shoe.
By Ann Dixon and Evon Zerbetz.
A baby goes berry-picking with his family and loses his sneaker. Over the course of the year, the shoe is carted around, chewed up, and filled with dirt by wild animals. The baby returns as a big boy and finds it.


Alaska...A Guidebook for Rockhounds.
By Chugach Gem & Mineral Society.
If you’re an amateur rockhound, or just interested in poking around Alaska’s roadsides, looking for interesting rocks, this is a must-have book. It’s got lots of maps, and is easy to use.

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