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Right Down Santa Claus Lane

Every day is Christmas in North Pole, Alaska.

Imagine a town where they never take the Christmas decorations down. Where candy canes and garlands are an everyday occurrence, even in mid-summer. Where a giant fiberglass Santa towers over the scenery, and where St. Nick himself can sometimes be found breakfasting in the local McDonalds.

Now imagine you can visit that town -- it's just outside Fairbanks.

There's more. The town has a post office, and you can send a letter to it. (The zip code is 99705.) Every Christmas, thousands of letters arrive at the post office addressed to Santa.

People from town volunteer to answer each and every child’s letter. At least that's the official story.

Do you believe in Santa Claus?

The Bear Facts, Please

North Pole, Alaska is a town of about 2,000 residents on the outskirts of Fairbanks. The town is notable for its year-round Christmas theme. You can visit Santa Claus in summer, and the holiday season is a 365 day-a-year occurrence. Streets are named after Santa and his reindeer, and large candy canes festoon local businesses. Every year during the holiday season, thousands of letters are addressed to Santa Claus in North Pole, Alaska. Local volunteers make sure each of these letters is answered.

Main attractions in North Pole include a giant Santa Claus statue, an equally large candy cane, and Christmas themed summer and winter activities.

North Pole is also a good jumping off point for adventures in the Chena Recreation Area, south of Fairbanks along the Richardson Highway. There are public recreation sites and a swimming beach that draws crowds from Fairbanks on the hot days of summer. Bike paths, picnic opportunities, and lake and river recreation are never too far away during the hot, sunny summer days.

The town of North Pole received its name and association with the Christmas season in the 1940s and 50s. A real estate company first gave the town the name North Pole in an attempt to lure a toy manufacturer to the area, with the toys being "Made In The North Pole." Though a toy manufacturer never came, the theme, and town spirit, has stayed ever since.


Santa Celebrity

Santa spends his summers at North Pole, Alaska, just outside of Fairbanks. He finds it a welcome break from the Arctic. Especially since he gets a chance to sleep in every so often.

When Santa's not resting up, he's usually available to talk with visitors who drop by -- or even pose for photos. As it turns out, he causes quite a commotion every time he steps out into the parking lot.

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Visiting North Pole?
Keep your eyes open for Christmas decorations

In North Pole, Don't Miss...
• The Visitor Center
• Beaver Spring Slough Nature Trail
• The homesteader’s cabin at the slough
• Sending a letter from the North Pole post office

Where is NORTH POLE, and how many people live there?

12 miles from Fairbanks, Alaska

Pop: 1,659

So close to Fairbanks, yet so far away! You’ll see the same holiday theme all over town. Even the mayor’s office is decorated with yuletide splendor, year-round.

North Pole Chamber of Commerce
Sound information on North Pole businesses.

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