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Fishing and Coastline

Try some quiet fly fishing near the bridge at Kasilof, or see the coastal shoreline at Clam Gulch, two little communities on Cook Inlet off the Sterling Highway. Razor clams are a sport-fishing harvest in this area, and are undergoing a period of population rebound.

Volcanoes Across the Water

The drive down the Cook Inlet coast to Homer is stunning on a clear day. There's a dramatic "ring of fire" made up of active volcanoes encircling the Kenai Peninsula across the water.

From north to south, the volcanoes are:

• Mt. Spurr (across from Anchorage), which erupted last in 1992;

• Mt. Redoubt (across from the City of Kenai & Soldotna), which erupted last in 1990;

• Mt. Iliamna (across from Ninilchik), which has been quiet for a long time;

• Mt. Augustine, which is on an island, and which last erupted in 1986;

• And to the south of Homer, Mt. Douglas, which seems to be inactive.

(Photo, Robert Gaucher)

Fishing in Kasilof

Like Kenai and Ninilchik, Kasilof got its start as a Russian settlement, in 1786. Now, however, it is known mostly for its fishing. And whether your fish is big or small, one thing is undeniable: a fishing trip in Kasilof is fun for the whole family.

Halibut and Clams in Clam Gulch

Clam Gulch, Nilnilchik and Cook Inlet generally are excellent places to fish for halibut. While you're here, consider taking a charter out to try your luck.

Clam Gulch is also, as its name suggests, an excellent place to dig for razor clams. Along with those of Ninilchik, its sandy tidal beaches hold one of eight major concentrations of Pacific Coast clams.

For the best access points to beaches where you can dig clams, try Clam Gulch Road (Mile 117.5 Sterling Highway), which leads to the Clam Gulch State Recreation Area, Deep Creek Wayside, and Ninilchik Village.


Driving to Homer

Kasilof | Russian stockade that became a farming area for the Kenaitze tribe.

Clam Gulch | The name says it all.

Ninilchik | Old buildings, a great river to fish in, and the influence of Russia.

Anchor Point | Great fishing. Look for the signs pointing to the “secret” Anchor Point fishing holes.



To clam, you'll need a sport fishing license.

Clamming is best during a minus tide of 2 feet or more. Clammers need a bucket, a clam shovel, boots, and at least one glove to protect against the razor clam’s sharp shell.

To dig, find a tiny “dimple” and quickly scoop a 6-inch hole. Reach down into the sand until you find your clam. Experience will teach you not to break the shell, but even if you do, you have to keep it. In 2021, the east side beaches are closed to clamming, and a charter must be taken to clam on the West side of Cook Inlet.


+ Map of Road to Homer (Sterling Hwy)

Clam Gulch State Recreation Area
State of Alaska site for the Glam Gulch State Recreation Area. Provides clamming information and contacts.

On Razor Clams
Download more information on the much sought after razor clam. Brought to you by the State of Alaska.

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