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A Little Town Called Hope

It’s 71 miles from Anchorage to the Hope Road turnoff. Follow the road 17 miles to a real gold mining town.

Be sure to turn right into the Old Hope townsite. The 19 mile northern section of the Resurrection Trail to Cooper Landing starts here.

(Photo, Hope Chamber)

In Hope, Don't Miss...

• Hope & Sunrise Museum
• Fishing at Resurrection Creek
• Hope’s Historic Buildings
• The view across Turnagain Arm
• Talking history with locals
• Hiking the Resurrection Trail
• Looking for beluga whales along the shore

A Peaceful Place to Fish

Go fishing in Turnagain Arm at Hope’s Resurrection Creek, where it empties into the ocean.

Hope is Restoring Its Buildings

People in Hope have moved a number of old cabins and important buildings to an area behind their museum.

If you’re lucky, somebody will be around to talk with you about their projects, and tell you about Hope.

Surrounded By National Forests

There are 200 miles of trails in Chugach National Forest, 40 public use cabins, and 15 forest campgrounds on the Seward and Sterling Highways.

The Chugach National Forest was established by Teddy Roosevelt in 1907.

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chugach outdoor


Chugach Outdoor Center - Six Mile Creek

+ Map: Downtown Historic Hope
+ Map: Turnagain Arm
+ Map: Hope Rd, Seward Hwy, and Gold Towns
+ Map: Gold Rush
+ Map: Resurrection Trail

Why They Call It A "Gold Rush"

During the gold rush, prospectors followed each other like sheep, “rushing” from one likely spot to another, with little logic behind their travels.

For example, first, 3,000 miners arrived in Hope in 1896. They were lured here after $40,000 worth of gold was pulled from 6-Mile Creek.The next year, all but 150 of them had “rushed” to the Klondike.

Then, in 1898, 10,000 miners “rushed” back into Hope. One miner got 400 ounces of gold in a single summer.

There are still active gold mines along the Resurrection Trail, and you can do recreational panning in designated areas.

Hope Chamber of Commerce
Website for the Chamber of Commerce, in secluded Hope, ALaska.

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